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NFAA Easton Yankton
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Coach Eric Tollefson, Level 4 NTS

Eric started shooting archery as a junior at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Finding he had a good “eye” for good shooting form, and needing college credit hours, Eric began teaching the P.E./archery class in his senior year, thus starting a lifelong love of the sport.

During the years following graduation, Eric continued to shoot as time allowed and in his 40s, began to shoot Olympic style recurve with Level 4 Coach Mike Burnham, currently Head Coach for Long Beach State's collegiate team. As his abilities improved, he began to shoot in local events in California until eventually reaching the national level in the Senior Games.

In working with Coach Mike, Eric learned more about the B.E.S.T. Method (Biomechanically Efficient Shooting Technique) developed by Coach KiSik Lee, the US National Head Coach, and took the course to become a Level 2 Instructor. A desire to learn more led to the Level 3 Coach Course in 2006 and finally to the Level 4 NTS Coach Course in March of 2011. At this point in time there are less than 100 Level 4 Coaches in the US.

The Level 4 Course was taught by Coach Lee and, because of his knowledge and teaching ability, Eric was invited to work with the young archers in Coach Lee's JOAD group in Long Beach, CA. During his time there, Eric gained an exceptional insight into what it takes to develop top level archers.

As Head Coach in Yankton, Eric will work with all levels of archers, with special focus on developing nationally ranked shooters from within the JOAD and college ranks.

Coach William Hewes, Level 3 NTS

William "Bill" Hewes is an Assistant, Level 3, NTS Coach of the NFAA Easton Archery Complex. Besides archery Bill has experience as both an instructor in various skills and a competitor in firearms competitions. Bill became certified in Law Enforcement in 2003 and worked for the Florida Department of Corrections. While in Law Enforcement Bill attended multiple seminars on mental and physical skills needed to complete his duties. In 2009 Bill became a Certified Crisis/Hostage Negotiator, which has helped him with mental skills needed when developing communication between a student and instructor.


Shortly after the opening of the Easton Newberry Sports Complex in Newberry, Florida Bill started attending JOAD sessions with his son, that were being conducted by Elite Coach Robert “Bob” Romero who was the Head Coach at Easton Newberry at that time. Bob soon asked Bill to step out on the range and assist him with the class, which evolved into Bill volunteering to assist every chance he could then to him becoming first a Basic Instructor then an Intermediate Instructor. Bill continued to volunteer assisting Bob and Robert Turner who has become the new Head Coach at Easton Newberry when Bob took on another role with the Easton Foundations. In April 2011 Bill became a Contracted Instructor for Easton Newberry. Then in May of 2011 Bill was asked by Bob to consider a full time coaching position in Yankton, South Dakota at the NFAA Easton Archery Complex. After e-mailing his resume to NFAA President Bruce Cull, a few phone calls and a trip to Yankton Bill accepted the position of Community Coach and resigned his position with Florida Department of Corrections.  In 2013, Bill moved back to Florida to assist his parents.  He returned to NEYAC in the fall to take on the position of managing the archery ranges, warehouse and maintenance in addition to his Assistant Coaching. 

Tom Jeffers, Level 2 NTS


The NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Complex offers multiple Level 1 & 2 NTS instructors.  These instructors are available for individual and group lessons and archery parties. Have a scout group, local club or family outing? Call us today to schedule an archery lesson at 605-260-9282.