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The 2015 High Performance Youth Compound Academy

Yankton, SD:

The NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center (NEYAC) just finished its third year of hosting the Youth High Performance Compound Academy July 29th – August 1st. We had another great group of talented young archers from across the nation come to work with top-level coaches. Coaches included Bob Romero, Level 5 NTS; George Ryals, NFAA Professional Archer, Level 3 NTS and 2014 Coach of the Year; Diane Watson, World renowned professional archer and Level 4 NTS; Mark Eggers, Level 3 NTS and US Collegiate Archery Association 2013 Coach of the Year; Josahan Jaime Santacruz, Level 4 NTS; Bill Hewes, Level 3 NTS; and Michael Price, Bow Technician.

The focus of this year’s Youth Compound Academy was “Off Season Enhancement Training.” These talented young archers were given presentations by top ranked NFAA professional archers who covered topics such as domestic and international tournament strategies and getting to know your equipment and tuning your bow. Sports medicine professionals, Jason Nelson, Professor at Mt Marty College, and Amanda Adamson, Physical Therapist at Lewis & Clark Therapy, were also brought in to teach the students about nutrition, training issues and injury treatment and prevention.  The other topics covered by coaches included strength training and conditioning workouts, yearlong training plans based on the archers’ personal goals, and and an in-depth look at an archer's shot cycle.  With a 90-meter indoor range, two outdoor FITA ranges, three field ranges and 3D range, these young archers were also able to gain full experience and knowledge on all of the archery disciplines, rules and scoring.

The 2015 Youth Compound Academy grew again this year from twenty-seven archers in 2014 to thirty-three.  Archers from all over the nation come to Yankton to attend this High Performance Compound Academy. When asked who already holds a World, National, or Vegas championship title, over a third of the class stood up. The goal of the High Performance Compound Academies is to create a central location for compound archers to train and grow. “We have a world-class facility here at the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center,” said Bruce Cull, President of the National Field Archery Association. “This facility gives archers a year round training environment, including off-season training. When these up and coming junior archers are given a chance to train here with top-level coaches and professional archers, they are going to take it.”

Coach Josahan, Archery Program Director for the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center said, “The Academy went fantastic. We had a great team of coaches who were all dedicated and had great communication. Our kids were very eager to learn, they were like sponges soaking up all the material.”

A new element to this year's camp was the addition of the Coach Observer Program that ran in tandem with the Compound Academy. Seven coach observers had the ability to sit in on presentations given by pro-shooters, observe how coaches interacted with archers and see how a high performance program runs. They also had class sessions with Academy coaches on developing an eye for form correction as well as implementing tools from this academy to their own program. Four coach observers also had the opportunity to complete their Level 2 Instructor Certification Course."

Neela Cezair, an archer from Trinidad and Tobago who attended the Academy said, “As a result of the Academy my skills have definitely improved, there is no doubt about it. I’ve improved my skills in knowledge of the equipment, equipment maintenance, shooting, and being able to watch like a coach. I like to say I’ve got the knowledge of a coach and athlete now.”

Thank you to all those who supported the 2015 High Performance Youth Compound Academy: Easton Foundations, Easton Archery, Original Brite Site, Arizona Archery Enterprises, HushPuk, BCY, and Stan Releases.

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