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2017 High Performance Youth Academy a Success

The National Field Archery Association held it’s fifth annual High Performance Youth Compound Academy June 23-27, 2017 at their headquarters and Archery Center in Yankton, South Dakota. The diverse group, ages 12-18, included 39 young archers from all over the United States, from Georgia to California, New York to Alaska, Canada and Mexico. The coaching staff in attendance included George Ryals IV of Georgia, Paige Gore and Dave Gore of California, Mike Price of New York, Jeff Sanchez of Illinois and Josahan “Jos” Jaime-Santacruz, Mackenzie Kieborz and Britta True from the Yankton Archery Center coaching staff.

Looking to improve on last year’s already stellar academy, archers had the benefit of elite coaching staff as well as a video analysis system that allowed for before and after review of each archer during the camp. “The video analysis system is a new feature we are incorporating into our academy series” Coach Jos said. “We use it as a tool to help illustrate to archers and future participants of the significant improvements that can be achieved at our academy.”

In addition to video analysis, academy participants had an intensive four days of equipment fitting and tuning, shot execution workshops, mental management skills for competition, strength training and stability for archery and goal setting. Archers also had the opportunity to learn field archery as the focus of the academy this year in preparation for the upcoming tournament, the NFAA Outdoor National Field Championships taking place at the Archery Center immediately following the Academy. Nearly half of the academy participants decided to compete in Field Nationals.

This year’s camp was packed with activities for archers. Starting right off the bat with match play and team rounds to get archers interacting with each other. Open shooting time with one-on-one coaching was a big part of the academy to help archers with their individual equipment and shot execution needs. Archers also had an opportunity to practice each shooting format they would experience during NFAA Field Nationals, field, hunter and animal rounds. Guest trainer Mark “Coach Rozy” Roozen, strength trainer with Avera Health, did a presentation on injury prevention and functional strength training for mobility and flexibility that will help archers in their training.

A new feature of the Academy this year was the option of archers to stay on the campus dorms of Mount Marty Campus which recently created a competitive archery team as part of their athletic program. Archers also had the opportunity to tour the campus and get information on enrollment and scholarships. 

The unanimous response of archers at the academy was overwhelmingly positive. “This was a really fun academy and I learned so much.” Brianna Notabeart of New York said of her academy experience.

“This was great. It means so much to know that these coaches care and are willing to help anyone and everyone.” Bryanne Lameg from Canada commented on her experience working with the coaching staff.

Alex Irvine one South Dakota, has been attended several Academies over the years and said “I’ve been coming to academy for three years now and it’s always been fun and I learn something every time.”

Coach Mike, a long time part of the coaching staff was impressed with the group. “I think this was the best academy we’ve ever had. The kids were great; they listened, took suggestions and asked great questions. We encouraged them to reach out to us and ask for help.” “A big element of our academy is encouraging archers to ask us ‘why?’” Coach Jos added. “We might only get to work with these kids once a year, in order to help these archers invest in sticking with what we teach them here they have to understand why it will help them. They need to be engaged in their own coaching. These kids were so awesome as asking us why it made for a truly great experience.”

Having a group of archers invested in their own development was an enjoyable part of the experience for guest coach George Ryals “In a group of archers this big it’s important you make an effort to tug on our shirt and get our attention so we can help and they did just that. They asked great questions and we had to use our best coaching skills to help them take their game to the next level.”

“These crop of young archers at the Academy get better each year” NFAA CEO Bruce Cull remarked. “Not just in skill but focus and determination to get as much out of this camp as possible. Several of our attendees have been coming for a couple of years now and we are already seeing them excel in their divisions. I have no doubt that we will see a number of these archers competing at the Professional level very soon.”

Thank you to the supporters of the 2017 Youth Compound Academy: Easton Foundations, Easton Archery, Stan Releases, Mathews Archery, Arizona Archery Enterprises, Lancaster Archery Supply, T.R.U. Ball/Axcel Sights